Monday, August 17, 2009

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We are glad that you have put your true feelings for the Endeavour pupils. We hope you will continue to post comments in the blog.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mystery Kind 3A pupil revealed!

Our Kindness Ambassador Cheryl with her good friend Kaiwen (the Mystery 3A pupil who had shown kindness to animals!)

In a previous blog comment, Cheryl's mother revealed who the mystery 3A pupil was!

Her comment reads -

Cheryl's mum said...
I think most of the pupils from 3A would know by now who is the one we are talking about here. Yes, it is Kaiwen. I think it would be nice to let everyone know who the star is!!!! I really think it is worth mentioning it. She should be proud of her act of kindness, and her mum's too!!I really admire their kindness to the abandoned animals.
August 13, 2009 6:33 PM

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kindness Chart

A kindness chart was created for every class. For every kind act that the pupils have done, the teachers will indicate with a sticker. The pupil with the most number of stickers from each class will be rewarded with a token.
This kindness chart serves as a reminder as well as encourages the pupils to practice and show kindness to their friends and teachers.

Who is the kindest pupil?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A girl from 3a showed kindness to animals. Her mother adopted a sick hamster and a unwanted rabbit. She nursed the hamster back to health and did everything she could to help it. As for the rabbit, she adopted it when she found it unwanted by the school gate D. The girl was compassionate to it and took pity on it.

So, remember, you can not only care for people in your own kind but even animals need your care and help to survive. You can even care for the environment. How? You should not litter.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ifa reads out her Kindness Essay during Assembly

One of our school's character values is Compassion which means 'to be kind to others'. Mrs Cho has judged Ifa's essay on Kindess to be the best of all the 270+ essays received from all the classes so she gets to read out her outstanding essay in the school hall in front of all 750 students and the teachers. Well done, Ifa!

Showing kindness in school

How does one show kindness in school? Our fellow pupils have given us many examples. Try them out as kindness begets kindness!

I help my teachers by carrying her books and her laptop from the staffroom to the class. I also keep the school clean by throwing rubbish I see - Nerin Kaur (4B)

Compliment or offer a helping hand to your classmates. When they have wronged you, you can even forgive them! - Mike (4B)

When your friend is not feeling well or has fallen down, bring him or her to the office - Tan Jun Hang (4B)

Help them with their schoolwork - Ordelia Chung (4B)

Recycle my plastic bottles and paper by putting them in the school recycling bins - Marcus (1G)

When Felicia did not bring her pencil case, I lent her my pencil - Sheryl Chai (1E)

Help your teacher to clean the white board - Faith (P1E)

I help my teacher remove the things in the dustbin - Koh Qian Hui (1E)

We can help Mrs Goh by keeping quiet during lessons so everyone can hear her - Lai Han Xing (1E)

I help my friend Chiam Zi Ying write a sentence - Chu Tzr En (1E)

I show kindness by helping Abigial carry her water bottle when she is tying her shoelaces. When Esther had pain in her eyes, I brought her to the General Office to put eye-drops - Allyn (1F)

I help other Primary 1 pupils who do not know how to buy food with money - Nur Zalifah (1B)

When my friend had lost her wallet, I help her to look for it - Kelly Koh (1B)

When I have some sweets, I share them with my classmates - Tan Qiu Xu (1D)

I share with my friends about God and Jesus - Cheng Nee (IJ)

When one of my classmates could not reach a book on the library shelf, I helped him to get it. This is how I show kindness to make others happy - Ilham (IJ)

I encourage my classmates when they feel sad. When Gim Hwee fell down on the running track during Fitness Friday, I helped him up - Adam (2C)

When my friend had forgotten to bring food for recess, I share mine with her - Joycelyn Lam (3A)

We can help those friends who are new to the school by giving them a tour around the place - Ong Yu Min (5A)

If someone is afraid of failing the test, you can encourage him with comforting words so he will feel better - Zhi Yi (4A)

When it was Angelica's first time taking a bus, I helped her find the bus as she did not know the bus number - Brian (2G)

If my friend does not have a pencil, I will lend mine to him - Ruzdee (P2E)

I remind my friends to inform their parents about the latest school updates concening schoolwork - Siti Nur Umm'aira Phang (2E)

There are so many ways to show kindness in school. As Chia Zhi Yi (4A) put it nicely, it's "whether you are willing to put in the effort to do so".

An act of kindness in school

Yi Ying and Ming Jun have come up with a comic strip to illustrate an example of a kind act that can be done in school. Enjoy the comic!

What other acts of kindness can you think of when in school?

Our personal thoughts about this kindness project

Throughout this kindness project, we feel glad to be helping out to promote kindness to Endeavour pupils. Being the kindness ambassadors, we will try our best to lead by example, as we believe this is the most effective way to promote kindness.

This experience has taught us more about kindness, and we have demonstrated how kindness can be shown so it's now all up to every one of you to make kindness contagious.

We need your help to spread the word, so don't forget to tell your friends about this blog!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Essays On- Why Is It Important For Singaporeans To Be Kind?

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind because it helps the community to connect and live happily together. Because Singaporeans differ in religion, race and language, Singaporeans need to show kindness to live harmoniously in this wonderful place. Being kind is a part of life and I believe that nobody has a stone for a heart.
Pristine Sumilang, 5A

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind so that we live in a peaceful and harmony society. When we are kind, there will not be any unhappiness and fighting. Being kind, we will always be considerate and helpful towards each other irregardless of race, language or religion.
When Singaporeans are known for kindness, people from other countries will admire us. More tourists will be attracted to visit Singapore. This will then contribute to the growth in Singapore’s economy. Eventually, Singaporeans will be able to enjoy living in a prosperous country.
Ifa Syafiqah, 3A

It is crucial for Singaporeans to be kind. If we are kind, tourists will visit us. They will spend money on taxi fare, hotels, restaurants and places of attractions. That way, they can help us to boost the economy. Singapore will make money. If we are kind to tourists, they may welcome us to visit their country. If we are kind to one another, Singapore would not have riots and unhappiness. Instead it would be peaceful.
Cheryl Kho Xue Er, 3A

So that more tourists will visit Singapore. The younger generation will also learn to be kind. Singapore will grow to be a peaceful country.
Tan Jia Min, 3A

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind because:
1.) we have to set an example for others to follow.
2.) if we are kind to others, they will be kind to us too.
Sherman Yeo, 1J

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind because this will help each other during good times or bad times. Singaporeans will be happier if everybody were to show kindness towards others.
Looi Zi Hann, 1J

Singapore is a small country. By being kind, we are actually helping others and ourselves by making Singapore a safe, better and wonderful place to live in. There is a proverb that says “Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore.” Hence, it is important for Singaporeans to be kind.
Raiyan, 1J

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind in order to keep the society in harmony. The people will have compassion for one another. This will make Singapore a cultured country which is clean and safe to live in.
Kai Wen, 3A

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind because we want to give good impression to the travellers as well as the locals. We Singaporeans have to be kind to show that we are polite, educated and civilised. By showing kindness, travellers will find that Singapore is a welcoming place while the locals will think that Singapore is a good place to live in.
Scott, 2C

We have to be kind so that we can have a harmonious country. It means that we will have no riots and fights. If we are kind, we will all be happy. Most importantly, if we are kind to others, others will be kind to us.
Sheryl Chai, 1E

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind to other countries because when it comes to war, they can help us.
If we are not kind, we will lose all our friends.
If we are not kind to each other, everybody will be quarrelling with one another.
Kindness begets kindness. When we are kind, everyone will be grateful to us. We will have a better society to live in.
Cheng Han, 1E

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind because we can build better friendship. When we are being kind, we are also being considerate. By performing an act of kindness, we feel happier. If Singaporeans are happier, Singapore will be a happy and healthy nation.
Victoria Lin, 1C

We will live happily together. Singapore will be a more gracious and harmony society. Everyone will be more tolerant towards each other’s culture, activities, religions and race.
Brenda Tan, 2G

Singaporeans belong to Singapore which is a small island. But there are many different races living in Singapore. It is important for Singaporeans to be kind because all races must understand, respect and be kind to each other so that Singaporeans are united and live harmoniously forever.
Swam Htet Tun, 2D

Kindness will make Singapore a gracious country. If all the Singaporeans are kind, they will talk nicely and treat each other politely and with courtesy. With the kindness environment, visitors will love to visit Singapore. This will make Singapore a famous country!
Marcus, 2A

It is important for Singaporeans to be kind because kindness is a gracious act. If every Singaporean can cultivate kindness, Singapore would be a fantastic city to live in. By showing kindness in one way or another, Singaporeans would find their lives more meaningful and happy as they could bring joy to those in need of assistance.
Chua Yong Liang, 2E

Essays On- How I Can Show Kindness

Kindness can be shown in many ways. You can show kindness by brightening someone’s face with a smile. A person can be overwhelmed by somebody’s kindness because it might have made a huge impact on his or her life. It is really great when something like this is done.
Pristine Sumilang, 5A

I can show kindness by helping and caring others. When somebody needs help, I must not leave them alone. I must help others. Whenever somebody is in the wrong, I must control my anger and not to scold him or her. I can help my parents by cleaning the house, sweeping the floor and cleaning my bed. I can help my friends to stand up whenever they fall down. Helping others can be hard but we must continue to help one another.
Ifa Syafiqah, 3A

Kindness is the way you care for someone. You can care for everybody in the world, even strangers. The earth and animals can also be cared for. To care for someone means that you are always ready to lend them a helping hand. For example, if you see an old handicapped person struggling on the road when the green man is about to turn red, you can help him by letting him lean on you for support. If you show kindness to someone, someday they might repay your kindness. My advice is “Show kindness whenever it is needed!”
Cheryl Kho Xue Er, 3A

We can show kindness in many ways. We should not abuse animals. We must also help the people around us. I always help to open the door for the elderly in public places. That is being kind. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Kindness is like sugar, it makes life taste a little sweeter. Kindness is free, so why not give some out?
Raiyan, 1J

To be kind, we need to say “Please” and “Thank you” and not tease others and say bad things about others.
Isaac, 2F

To show kindness, we must respect each other first, especially for the people around us. We must always remember to greet each other. We can help our classmates by teaching them with their class work. We can also help the blind to cross the road. In the bus, we can give up our seats to the pregnant woman and the elderly. We can also help the orphanage by giving them our extra things that we do not need.
We can help the animals by not hurting them. We must take care of them. We must feed them.
Kindness is important for everyone. If everyone shows kindness and respect, we will not have any fights or arguments. We will then have a peaceful and happy life.
Stanic Tan, 2C

Kindness begins at home or in school. I have guided my classmates in their Mathematics. I can also show kindness to my friends by sharing my food with them. I can offer my help to my teachers by carrying books to the staffroom. When my parents are shopping for groceries, I can help to carry the bags of groceries. For my brother, I can share all my goodies with him. When I show kindness to others, I feel very happy.
Victoria Lin, 1C

Helping my mother cleaning the house on weekends and fixing my bed is a simple way of showing kindness to her. In school, I helped my classmates with their work.
Kindness is not only for family, teachers and friends. We must be kind also to our Mother Nature by keeping the environment clean. Do not litter! Keep the air clean!
We must also be kind to the animals by taking care of them properly.
Brian, 2G

I can show kindness by helping and caring for my parents, friends, the earth and even the animals. Kindness means that you care for others and want to help them or make them feel happy. I feel good when people are kind to me. I also feel happy when I help them. If everyone is kind, there will be no war! So let’s do it! Be kind!
Grace Cao Ci En, 1I

I can show kindness by being good to others. I must say sorry when I do something wrong. Kindness is treating others the way you like to be treated. We must show kindness to our family, friends and neighbours.
Si Qiang, 1I

To be kind, you must be helpful. Even when people do not appreciate you, you can still persevere until someone appreciates you. To be kind, you can help people in their work. If they are afraid, you can help to comfort him or her so that he or she will feel better. There are many ways to be kind. You just have to be willing to do it!
Zhi Yi, 4A

Kindness is about lending a helping hand whenever someone is in need of help. When I see someone falls, I will help them up. I will give up my seat to those who need the seat more. A word of kindness goes a long way. Let’s show our kindness and pass it around!
Andrew Dooa, 2E

Monday, July 27, 2009

Send somebody a smile!

Here are the lyrics to the Singapore Kindness Movement theme song, "Send somebody a smile" by Jack and Rai. Sing along, everyone! :)

Come on and show me a big smile
I got something special in mind
And I know it might not seem much
It's just a simple plan to give a helping hand
It's something we can all do
Today, tomorrow, me and you
We could bring some cheer to this world
Come on everybody, every boy and girl, singing

Once in a while
You got to send somebody a smile
A thought is how you start to change the world
Come on and share it

A little kindness is easy to bring
Anything, even a cheeky little grin
Little by little we can make things better
Around the world we've got to stick together


Something big or something small
Be proud of your actions and stand up tall

Friday, July 24, 2009

The quality of kindness

Kindness is the quality of being warm-hearted and considerate. It is the act of forgiving. People who are kind are liked by everybody. When someone is unkind to you, you must not bear a grudge.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What is kindness to you?


This is our very first post on this blog. Let us share with you what we think kindness means...

Kindness is about love and care for others in our daily life. How do we show kindness? For example, we can help people who are in need. We can help the poor by helping in charity work. It is important to show kindness to everybody, because maybe one day we might also need their help. But remember, doing kind acts is always better than having kind acts done for you. Kindness is very important, so be kind to your family and friends.

What is kindness to you?
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